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Two organizational divisions, a unique passion


During years the need to offer more specific solutions to the market has led us to structure the company as two organizational structures: Educational Division that operates with schools and AV-Pro Division that operates with Audio-Video professionals. Our clients can indeed find easiely products and solutions that best suit their needs.One of the values that drives Ligra is the ability to plan customized projects for every need with a global vision on the most efficient and innovative solutions available in the market.


Audio Video Division

From projection screens to projectors for rental and staging to solutions for collaboration and meeting rooom, Ligra catalogue is a reference point for Audio Video professionals all around the world.

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Educational Division

Ligra is leader in Italy in the distribution of innovative solutions to schools: interactive whiteboards, monitor touch, MDM solutions for didactics with tablets and the management of multiple devices in school.

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107.000 kWh

of energy produced every year by solar panels

43 tons

of CO2 emissions saved every year


Respect for environment


Our commitment is to promote environmental sustainability by improving production processes, planning reuse and recycle of scrap materials and using recycled packaging. Moreover, in 2010 we installed in our main quarter a totally integrated photovoltaic system that produces 107.000 kWh of energy a year and guarantees a complete autonomy of our activity with a saving of 43 tons of CO2 emissions every year.