Ligra unveils new NEC solutions dedicated to connectivity and audio and video content sharing


The new KIT NP01SW2 consists of a presentation/extender system ideal for transferring audio and video signals from a source (PC, DVD, Blue Ray, etc.) to any video device (monitor or video projector).
The NP01SW2 device offers the flexibility of HDBaseT technology, enables the transmission of uncompressed HD multimedia content over distances of up to 100 metresovercoming the limitations of traditional technologies, reducing installation costs and making this solution the ideal choice for meeting rooms, classrooms, auditoriums.
This kit consisting of HDBaseT TX and RX allows the transport of up to 100 m of an HDMI signal (selectable from 3 different inputs), of a microphone channel, a USB signal, an RS232 connection, and a LAN signal.
For installations of video equipment that already has a built-in HDBaseT receiver (e.g. P502H , PA522U etc.), it is possible to purchase with the code SP01SW1, only the switch/extender TX part without receiver.
With a simple Cat 5e or higher cable and without any programming or coding, we can easily broadcast and remotely control our video devices.

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NEC premieres (expected release summer 2016) the Multipresenter MP10RX.
This device will allow share video contributions, images and presentations via WIFI directly from your computer, tablet or smartphone to the projector/screen without the use of any cables.
The Multipresenter will be able to connect to an existing WIFI network or create its own (Hotspot). In Hotspot mode, users of the system will not burden the corporate network by slowing down its flow, but will be able to exchange multitudes of data in total freedom.
The MP10RX presenter will have to be connected to the monitor or video projector via an HDMI male plug and will be powered via USB from the device itself.
The device will support resolutions up to 1920×1080 30Fps.
For NEC customers who are already users of the Image Express Utility software, the use of the multi-presenter will be even more advantageous by creating the possibility to use the software on devices that were not previously enabled.
The device will allow up to 8 simultaneous connections.

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