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Microscope cameras Moticam

Moticam microscope cameras sit directly on the eyepiece of the microscope and transmit the image to the computer via USB cable (Moticam 1SP) or to the tablet via Wi-Fi (Moticam X).
With Moticam, it is possible to transform even an old analogue, mono-, bi- or trinocular microscope into a powerful high-resolution digital microscope connected to your computer or tablet.

Moticam 1SP and Moticam X WiFi
Moticam 1SP and Moticam X WiFi
Example of mounting a Moticam on an analogue microscope
Example of mounting a Moticam on an analogue microscope

Think of the prospects offered by the possibility of display the image captured in real time by the microscope on an interactive whiteboard or projection screen!The microscopy experience can be enjoyed by all students at the same time under the careful guidance of the lecturer, thus avoiding loss of time (and focus!) and maximising the impact in terms of teaching effectiveness.

All Moticam models also come with Motic Images Plus software for processing and annotating images captured live. Motic Images Plus is compatible with Windows, MacOS and Linux. In addition, compatibility with Direct Show and Twain makes Moticam cameras compatible with third-party image capture software.

The package includes adjustable universal adapters for monocular, binocular or trinocular microscopes.


For more than a decade, Motic has been a market leader in affordable, high-quality digital microscopy solutions.
Moticams are world-famous for their ease of use and their adaptability to a good number of applications.
Whether for educational, industrial or clinical use, the inimitable Moticam 'All in One Box' design guarantees the highest level of compatibility with any type of analogue microscope.




Motic Microscope Red 100

The RED100 series represents the line of microscopes ideal for primary, middle and high school students. Depending on budget and teaching requirements, the microscope head can be monocular, dual-view or binocular. The eyepiece tubes can be rotated 180° to facilitate storage of the microscope. The attachment with a countersunk screw prevents removal by students.

The optics of a microscope is obviously the most important component for effective teaching. Motic supplies its RED100 series with EA achromatic lenseshigh quality. The inverted positioning of the nosepiece gives good space for the insertion and removal of slides, avoiding the risk of damaging the specimen or objectives.

The standard WF10X / 18mm eyepieces work perfectly well with achromatic EA objectives. In binocular models dioptric adjustment is possible on the left eyepiece tube. A pocular untator is an integral part of any RED100 modelallowing the teacher to highlight regions of interest to the student.


All RED100 microscopes incorporate a cable-free LED lighting system. Especially in educational environments, LEDs show several advantages over conventional halogen lamps: longer life (> 10,000 hours), no heat development (better safety for users), low energy consumption (one recharge provides 70 hours of use) and a modern colour feeling without the corrective blue filter.
  • Sliding table with 'One Touch' clips or mechanical table with sample holder
  • High-quality EA lenses
  • LED lighting