Our idea for the Classroom of Tomorrow: MimioClassroom + Google Apps for Education


Let's design tomorrow's classroom together!

Our idea: MimioClassroom + Google Apps for Education



The MimioClassroom solution for designing the 'classroom of tomorrow' involves three different areas of work:
  1. Frontal teaching with interactive whiteboard, monitor or video projector: Author software MimioStudio
  2. Tool for evaluation and collaborative activities via tablet and smartphone: App MimioMobile
  3. Cloud platform for sharing teaching activities and processes:Google Apps for Education
Compared to similar solutions from competitors (e.g. ClassFlow), our proposal offers, from a general point of view, the undoubted advantage of modularity: does not necessarily have to be purchased in bulkbut it may be gradually implemented as teachers become familiar with the tools and new teaching needs are identified.
For example, the school can start with a combination of MimioStudio and Google Apps for Education for classroom management and sharing of learning materials in the cloud, moving on to the use of tablets in the classroom with MimioMobile and finally to an MDM-based tablet management and control system with Chimpa.
The attached document "Comparative table.xlsx" examines the specific features that make the solution identified by Ligra superior to what the competition generally offers.