There's a LapCabby for every workplace


LapCabby stands for portable and stationary solutions for storing, charging and synchronising tablets and notebooks in any environment where having devices always charged and ready for use is a primary need.

Notebooks, tablet PCs, Chromebooks and netbooks are now constant presences in every area of working life, and their storage, charging and synchronisation are an increasingly pressing need. LapCabby is the right answer! For 20 years the British brand LapCabby has been synonymous with school and office furniture and state-of-the-art solutions for the management of electronic devices in professional contexts. Ligra srl is the exclusive distributor of the LapCabby brand for Italy: the success achieved in recent years confirms our choice of a brand of the highest quality, made without compromise and strong in a catalogue full of many different solutions, suitable for every situation and every need.

There is a right LapCabby for every working environment

From primary school to university, from laboratory to library, LapCabby solutions are the best choice for the school environment.
From the architect's office to the airline, LapCabby solutions are the perfect tool to have all devices charged and synchronised at all times.
From local to national administration, LapCabby solutions guarantee maximum reliability in every aspect of public administration.
LapCabby is an invaluable ally in the medical/health sector, where having every device charged and synchronised is literally a vital requirement.


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