Invitation Free Seminar Designing Creative Ateliers - 25 November Parma

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We invite you to the Free Training Seminar

Friday 25 November 2016

Start of the meeting at 14.30
[Deadline 16.30].

Designing Creative Workshops

New teaching tools and methodologies (interactive whiteboard, tablet, PC)
MDM-based student device management and control solutions
Modular mobile laboratories for teaching science subjects

Programme of the meeting
  1. Ideas for a correct designing Creative Ateliers
  2. The interactive whiteboard... and beyond: how to integrate frontal teaching based on the interactive whiteboard and its author software with new resources such as tablets and smartphones with a view to new teaching strategies (blended learning, flipped classroom)
  3. Practical experience: we create an interactive, multimedia lesson that can be managed by the interactive whiteboard or tablet and that allows us to create moments of interaction with the students' devices in the form of remote control of the interactive whiteboard, closed and open-ended tests, collaborative activities
  4. Let's learn how to manage a complex environment in which every student is equipped with a tablet: what are the main critical issues? What tools are available to the teacher to maintain control of the teaching activity in a collaborative context?
  5. The importance of hands-on experience in science education: we learn how to use a modular portable laboratory equipped with a microscope and photometer that communicates directly with a tablet or smartphone

The invitation is addressed to headmasters, teachers, ATA staff and technical laboratory managers of schools of all levels.
The seminar has a limited number of participants.
We kindly ask you to confirm your presence at the following link(or that of his colleagues) within Wednesday 23 November 2016.

Confirmation of participation
Seminar: Creative Ateliers



Please find attached: Meeting Poster