Solstice Multi-Room wins two awards at ISE 2017

Together with Mersive, we are pleased to announce that Solstice has won two major awards at the 2017 edition of ISE.
Solstice won the Prize as best product according to AV Technology and the Commercial Integrator's Top New Technology (TNT) Award for the Multi-Room version, which was presented during this edition of ISE.
The two awards recognise the Solstice as best product in terms of innovation, ease of use, customer value and benefits for audio-video integrators.

This award confirms Mersive's efforts to offer ever more innovative solutions to foster collaboration, productivity and offer added value to both customers and end-users.

How does Solstice Multi-Room work?

The Multi-Room function, introduced by Mersive, expands Solstice from a single-room collaboration solution to one that can support collaborations in multiple rooms or different areas, via a single corporate network. ISE attendees are invited to visit Mersive at stand 14-C134 to schedule a demo or to learn more about the potential of Solstice Multi-Room.

Solstice Multi-Room multiplies collaboration

Solstice Multi-room allows any number of users to share and control through their device (tablet and laptop), unlimited content on a single monitor. Now, with Solstice Multi-Room, users located in different locations can easily and securely share content across every room involved in the meeting. The new functionality integrates audio and video conferencing solutions and acts as a force multiplier for collaboration, enabling wider sharing of content between participants and their locations.

Solstice is a turnkey solution for the company.

With advanced user management and network security features, high-performance streaming capabilities for end users, and tools that simplify deployment and IT management, Solstice is the best wireless display solution available on the market.

Solstice versions and prices

Solstice offers unparalleled collaboration capabilities for any meeting room at an affordable price. The Solstice Pod is a turnkey hardware solution that connects directly to the meeting room display, classroom, meeting room, etc., while Solstice Software for Windows requires a room-resident PC on which to be installed. Software Pod and Windows and can be purchased from Ligra srl.

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