4 reasons why interactive displays are perfect for business meetings

Communication, even in the professional and business world, has changed its face.
Technology, which has become extremely powerful in the last ten years, declines in favour of the group communication in contexts where this is crucial for business and the achievement of professional goals. Who would have imagined, for instance, that two or more people would have the possibility to write simultaneously and work, precisely in groups, on 'virtual' files via interactive displaysinteracting directly on a screen even with a pressure-sensitive pen? ...simply fantastic.
Perhaps we do not have a precise concreteness of how many and which vantinteractive displays canno offer to private companies, public bodies, associations and school and work groups. 

Here, therefore, it is essential to know a few reasons why these advanced monitors are perfect for group meetings and business meetings. 

1. Great versatility

It seems that adaptation is the law of survival even in the technological world. dysplay interactives succeed perfectlybeing able to offer flawless performance whether placed vertically or horizontally. Placed on a flat surface, the monitor can be viewed in exactly the same way as a tablet, allowing those who wish to interact with colleagues during tabletop presentations an unexpectedly broad interactive experience. This is made even easier with the 180° rotation function and the option to allow 10 simultaneous touches. 

2. Writing fluency and time saving

Saving time is a must today. In the different contexts of life, technology has made everything possible in the 'everything and now' formula.  This need is met by in full also interactive displayswhich, via a highly sensitive touch screen, allow a message to be conveyed very quickly. All it takes is a precise recognition of the input on the screen, whether done by hand or with the included ultra-thin touch pen, and the message is immediately visible to all. 

3. Communication becomes more intuitive

Facilitating communication is the objective from which the implementation of the interactive displays took off: these innovative monitors, being able to recognise up to 10 touch points simultaneously, allow annotations to be entered intuitively and easily, using a pen directly on the screen, with the added advantage of tools such as magnifying glass and fading effect, spotlight that make the experience of writing and transmitting messages easier. 

4. Possibility of moving from one file to another

There is a not insignificant aspect related to the communication experience made possible by the interactive displays. This is the ability to move from one file to another and, in addition, to view files stored on external USB devices.  All this, thanks to the USB Memory Viewerintegrated in these special monitors.  

With interactive displays the most common and familiar forms of communication meet a creative and advanced interface concept. These state-of-the-art tools redefine the workflow by adapting perfectly to the needs of a changing and increasingly fast-paced world... a multitasking world indeed.