Digital art wall: digital art on your wall

Intuitive to use, hi-tech, visually impressive and engaging: we are talking about digital art wall. Art and the way it is shared outwardly is also changing face with new developments in technology that enable extraordinary results. 
La digital art wall was born from a perfect mix of interactive technology and art. It had already been heard abroad for some time, and today it is a reality in our country too.
But what exactly is it? And for what occasions is it intended?  

For which contexts is it beneficial to use the digital art wall?

La digital art wall is the ultimate realisation of the desire to share art digitally: here, digital technology becomes an essential part of the creative process or presentation of works. Of course, the number one characteristic of this new communication tool is its grandeur in terms of visual impact. Digital masonry has a charm that is really hard to match. Think of corporate events, club openings, music festivals, trade fairs and events aimed at promoting businesses, and imagine how engaging an interaction related to a work reproduced on a wall can be. 

What makes the digital art wall special?

La digital art wall not only brings people together, but also generates a great atmosphere for big events. Every time someone shares a work or project on the wall, a huge crowd quickly forms to see the final result. But the key element of the digital art wall is the ability to make a work an interactive piece, something to be shared in real time, thanks to digital technology. 

But that's not all: here are other advantages:  


Shared work in the manner permitted by the digital art wall can be customised with logos, trademarks, illustrative material and signatures of the company/individual who created the work. 

Sharing art

The screen can be shared live and/or via e-mail and social media so that you can send your artwork to friends, family or colleagues directly from the screen.  

All in one system

La digital art wall is obviously based on advanced technological systems that convey the work of art intended to be shared.
Whoever decides to rely on companies specialising in the supply of these refined systems will enjoy everything, including the standard projection screen supplied with a back cover.

Simple interface

The interface in the digital art wall is really child's play. Just press a button to open the palette options. Just to give you an example, you can drag resizable stencils, choose backgrounds and much more. Customisation is as easy as sharing.

Proven system

La digital art wall is adaptable in every environment and context. There is no need for large dimensions and no need for specific widths on the walls on which the projection of the work will take place: digital art moulds itself and adapts to spaces, not vice versa. 

Visual communication achieves excellence.
Today, everything is possible and everything can point, through digital, to a diffusion without space-time limits.