Video conferencing systems are changing face: here are all the unexpected advantages

Accommodating and facilitating in every way the'interface between colleagues, professionals and collaborators who are also far apart is the buzzword in today's business world.
A perfect synchrony that allows decisions to be made and discussions on given issues to take place as quickly as possible, without hindrance, without limits and without the need to travel.
Well, the videoconferencing devices of the latest generation allow this to be done.
These powerful tools allow you to interact at any distance, thus facilitating the exchange of ideas and information as if you were in the same room. Simply fantastic.

In tune with these renewed needs, these state-of-the-art mure remote communication like no other product is able to do, with all the advantages that come with it and which it is worthwhile, at this point, to review, in the interest of all.

1. Significant cost savings

Thanks to the wide range of videoconferencing systems is made possible optimising decision-making processes with all the time and money saved that would otherwise have had to be invested in various travel arrangements. These innovative all-in-one conferencing solutions enable companies to start video conferencing immediately, with no installation costs on top of that.

2. Unrivalled aural performance

The intelligent microphones used in the latest generation of videoconferencing systems can be connected in a chain, providing a flawless audio experience in any type of conference room.

3. Multi-screen session and output backups

I more advanced videoconferencing systems enjoy some important extra functions, among them:

  • Possibility of backing up video conference sessions via recordings on a USB flash drive, even when offline;
  • Multiple outputs to several screens simultaneously avoiding signal splits.

4. Remote control via remote control

Thanks to the optimisation of the latest technologies, the most recent video surveillance systems allow the other cameras participating in the meeting to be controlled remotely via remote control. This makes it possible for one person to direct the entire conference by controlling even very distant locations.

5. Unparalleled graphical experience

In the on-board part of the state-of-the-art video surveillance system there are a multitude of layouts that can be conveniently selected in order to ensure an engaging and enjoyable graphic experience for all participants.
For this purpose, it is possible to choose the desired resolution manually or rather let the system set itself according to the available bandwidth instant by instant, for as long as the video conference is taking place.
This automatic mechanism is designed to allow adjust the graphics resolution to the available bandwidth.

Today it is possible to organise broadcast video conferences, deliver distance learning, with unparalleled portability with these new videoconferencing systems that work with any browser and on any operating system.
The virtual classroom is in every way identical to a physical classroom, overcoming any kind of distance.
The future is now, within reach of the remote control.