The Robotics Fair

Robotics that makes learning fun

Very often we talk about the importance of promoting the school digitisation and the study of STEAM subjects and the perception of everyone in the school world is that something is indeed changing. This is certainly the case for the parochial school "The Young Talent Workshopwho wanted to collaborating with Ligra DS for the realisation of an event, held on 18 June 2021during which the students had the opportunity to actively immerse themselves in the use of educational robotics solutions.

"La Bottega dei Giovani Talenti" is a parish school, located in Rome, which aims to training young people - from pre-school to primary school - from an educational, training, cultural and social inspired by the core values of Salesian education. Among the school's many objectives are theatre, art and technology workshops, but also the early identification of specific learning disorders; these areas certainly fall within the scope of the Educational robotics: an advanced tool for supporting teaching.

At the event held at the school - with the collaboration of NTS80 - New Technologies for Experimentation - participated around 100 students who took turns, in full compliance with health regulations, in carrying out practical and immersive activities in full learning-by-doing approach. Stimulating their curiosity, imagination and enthusiasm for an often little-known but extremely important discipline is crucial to making their learning effective. The aim of the event held was precisely this: stimulate children to approach new technologies without fear, but rather with curiosity.

At a time when every small step towards the resumption of school activities is important, an event of this kind is clear proof that schools are ready to start again and Ligra DS stands by them.

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