Dynamic Projection Institute

In order to make visitors aware of recent environmental changes, the National Museum of Natural Sciences in Taiwan has recreated the beauty of its nature indoors, where we find the environments of the Asian tropical rainforest as well as the temperate zone where various bird species live. We are talking about the 'sacred' nature of this island, formerly known as Formosa, which means 'the beautiful island'. As you walk through this interactive exhibition in the museum, you have the opportunity to discover, for example, the daily life of the leopard that fled from human presence and pollution.

This was made possible thanks to the team of Bright Ideas Design Co. Ltd. of Taipei and Mirror Head, the device that applied after the optics of video projectors allows the projection of images, films, and lights to be shifted to adapt to any surface in the surrounding environment.

By recreating what only 50 years of human evolution have destroyed, the exhibition represents the diversity and flourishing biosphere that has now been lost.