Exclusive distribution agreement signed between Ligra DS and Fulcrum Acoustic

Ligra DS signed an agreement for the exclusive distribution of products Fulcrum Acoustic on Italian territory.

Fulcrum is a US-made professional loudspeaker manufacturer known since 2008 for its unique approach to loudspeaker design and construction. Thanks to the studies and research of its co-founder David Gunness, Fulcrum Acoustic overcomes the common limitations of professional loudspeakers by treating advanced DSP algorithms as an integral part of its designs.
The result? A series of models that provide very high output and unparalleled clarity of reproduction even at high SPL levels, while keeping the cabinets small.

The product catalogue includes the TQ Install series of coaxial installation loudspeakers, VLF Install high-performance subwoofers, Prophile series compact systems, FA Portable hi-fi portable loudspeakers, reference audio monitors for production and post-production, line arrays and cardioid subwoofers based on proprietary Passive Cardioid Technology™.

Fulcrum products are designed and manufactured with the end customer in mind: designs to integrate various architectural styles, mounting systems designed for easy installation, and factory-verified processor settings for almost all professional digital signal processing (DSP) platforms.

TQ Install Series Coaxial Driver Speakers

Products TQ Install are based on a proprietary loudspeaker consisting of a woofer and a coaxial compression/truss driver, which provides several advantages such as consistency and stability of the off-axis polar pattern at varying frequencies and a more spatially coherent response compared to traditional designs, where the centre of emission of the drivers is not aligned. Translated into sound advantages: better intelligibility, greater volume generated (before feedback) and greater precision in positioning the sound image, typical of coaxial systems.

The transducers are driven by the internal TQPassive™ crossover, also patented and designed to work in conjunction with TQ™ processing. It provides all the advantages of a bi-amped system without requiring a second power amp and processor channel. In addition, there are no power-dissipating and heating resistors in the crossover, so its response remains consistent even at high levels.

For this series, multiple driver sizes, polar coverage diagrams, and cabinet configurations are available to meet a wide variety of requirements, of which a few representative models are listed below. To be precise:

TQ Install GX Series: single coaxial driver in a trapezoidal cabinet

TQ Install CX Series: single coaxial driver in compact enclosure

TQ Install DX Series: coaxial driver + woofer


TQ Install Series AH/FH:
dual horn system

TQ Install RX Series:
compact coaxial speakers


The coaxial transducers can be rotated in 45° increments, allowing the coverage to be precisely customised to best meet the requirements of a specific application. M6 or M10 mounting points are provided.

TQ Install loudspeakers offer impressive performance even at the highest sound pressure levels. Their clean aesthetics and compact dimensions suit many architectural styles, which facilitates acceptance by interior designers and architects. This makes TQ Install the ideal choice for places of worship, theatres, schools, discos, in transport and theme parks.

VLF Series Installation Subwoofers

This subwoofer series comprises various models divided between conventional direct-radiation designs (Sub) and those with high output levels and small footprints (US). The woofer sizes range from 8" to 21", either single or dual woofers in the same cabinet. Here are some examples:

Subwoofers based on proprietary Passive Cardioid Technology™

Fulcrum cardioid subwoofers are designed based on Fulcrum's proprietary technology Passive Cardioid Technology™ to eliminate excess rear output, up to 10 dB, without the additional cost, cabinet volume and drawbacks of active cardioid subwoofers. Their sub-cardioid behaviour is achieved thanks to a special geometry of the 'acoustic circuit' used that balances the position of the woofer with the depth and volume of the cabinet, as well as the presence of specially designed rear tuning ports.

By opting for a sub-cardioid versus a hyper- or super-cardioid polar pattern, rear rejection increases when modules are distributed in a subwoofer array. TQ™ Fulcrum Acoustic processing is an integral part of the cardioid subwoofer design. The innovative acoustic design, combined with state-of-the-art digital processing, results in exceptional clarity and precise transient response, even at very high sound pressure levels.

Fulcrum Acoustic's cardioid subwoofers are intended for permanent or transportable installations in a wide range of venues, including arts and entertainment centres, houses of worship, sports venues and discotheques.


FL283T Sub-Cardioid Line Array Module


The FL283T is a sub-cardioid line array module for a wide variety of events, typically live concerts, musicals, but also sporting events. It includes two 8-inch horn-loaded woofers and three 1.4-inch compression drivers in a compact cabinet, shaped to create a line array at a 20° angle between adjacent cabinets, allowing for greater cluster curvature than traditional arrays. Each FL283T module is configured for passive full-range operation with 16 ohm impedance, allowing the amplifier to drive eight modules with a single channel.

Portable coaxial solutions

Each product in the FA Portable line offers unique acoustic advantages over traditional portable systems, and a wide range of mounting options allows each to fulfil a multitude of roles.

Fulcrum's FA series of full-range loudspeakers utilises proprietary horn-loaded coaxial drivers to provide the clarity of sound that distinguishes these models and the directivity needed for portable applications in versatile, compact and easy-to-handle cabinets.

When used as main loudspeakers, their ability to provide clear separation of sources and their 'effortless' timbre brings out the full impact of a performance.


The FW15 15" coaxial passive stage monitor with cardioid output provides 6 dB of low frequency attenuation at the rear of the polar diagram and a high SPL level in a low-profile cabinet.

Its coaxial neodymium transducer and 75°x75° horn provide optimal coverage for monitoring applications, and its large-format 3" compression driver ensures the necessary HF headroom. The FW15's clarity and source separation allows performers to clearly distinguish their own voice and instrument among others.

Traditionally, loudspeakers with the capacity to generate high volumes (such as those in the FA series) are too heavy to be placed on supports such as poles or posts; however, the low weight of the Fulcrum loudspeakers in this series allows them to be mounted on stands or on CS and TS series subwoofers using the SP1 pole. A combination of various mounting options makes installation precise, quick and easy.

RM reference monitor for audio production and post-production

The RM Series acoustic loudspeakers are 3-way coaxial reference monitors that provide the accuracy, imaging precision and transient response typical of a studio monitor, but with the directional control, power handling and output capability required in larger spaces. The RMS subwoofers are a sonic counterpart to the RM Series extended-range reference monitors; they include innovative low-noise, laminar flow ports that allow bass extension down to 20 Hz. Both monitors and subs are typically installed behind perforated screens or acoustically transparent fabrics typical of movie theatres, or mounted flush with walls or free standing, i.e. unrecessed, in the control/recording rooms of A/V studios.

Active versions of the RM Series monitors include built-in TQ™ Level 1 digital signal processing and Powersoft digital amplification. A full set of input and delay filters, as well as signal levels and amplifier status can be accessed via Ethernet using Armonia Pro Audio Suite™ control software. In addition, a pre-output EQ stage is available for programming custom presets.

Prophile coaxial series


Designed specifically for the needs of nightclubs, Fulcrum's Prophile series can be integrated into a variety of architectural motifs while meeting the highest performance standards for music/entertainment venues. 

The low-profile, horizontally oriented cabinets have an elegant appearance and can be mounted near ceilings, in front of balconies or along the front of the stage with minimal visual impact. Next-generation coaxial transducers give Prophile loudspeakers the ability to deliver stable, high-fidelity imaging, while Fulcrum's Temporal Equalisation™ technology adds transient response on par with a studio monitor. These compact systems are a perfect choice as high-performance fill monitors for clubs, live performance venues and A/V projection rooms, among other applications. They can be integrated with a number of VLF Install subwoofers to provide solid low-frequency support, and offer many configuration and system design options.