Ligra DS is a reseller of the IPEVO V4K PRO document camera

IPEVO V4K PRO ULTRA HD USB Document Camera with integrated microphone with AI

It has always been IPEVO's aim to create solutions that can make the educational technologies accessible and available to all. IPEVO's interactive teaching tools provide educators and teachers with radically affordable and compact technology that is simple, intuitive and flexible, so that valuable time and resources can be devoted entirely to teaching.

Not only that. IPEVO uses 'only what is necessary' in its technologies: by using components available from its other digital devices, it is able to develop its products at drastically lower costs without sacrificing performance or functionality.
Less waste also means more environmentally friendly products.

See what I see - hear what I say

The IPEVO V4K PRO is lightweight, compact and portable; suitable for both face-to-face and remote lessons, it is foldable and easily transferred from one environment to another.
This visualiser is feature-rich with a 8 Megapixel Sony sensor, high resolution lens, LED light source and a integrated microphone with artificial intelligence developed with cutting-edge experimental technology.
With the V4K PRO, sharing images and documents is extremely intuitive and its use can significantly improve the quality of explanations and facilitate learning.
The device itself is robust and well thought-out in its components, so that it is perfectly balanced at any angle. The camera can rotate on a 270ยฐ axis to allow multiple angles, and with the free IPEVO Visualizer software it is possible to remotely control the camera's rotation.

On the top of the document chamber, robust and clearly visible, are the shortcut buttons:
- Camera focus
- LED light switching
- AI-enabled noise suppression
- Adjusting the brightness of the shared image

But the real added value of the IPEVO V4K PRO is the microphone with artificial intelligencepowered by the IntelliGO voice technology. Equipped with a noise filter, trained from over 500 million distinct data points, the built-in microphone is highly effective in removing background noise while maintaining the natural sound of the voice closer to the microphone. In a classroom setting, it is therefore perfect for recording a lecture, ensuring the clarity of both the recorded images and the accompanying audio.

Features that make the difference