A major Active Audio installation

The CICG (Centre International de Conférences Genève) is a conference centre located close to Geneva's main institutional buildings. Built between 1969 and 1973 and renovated in 2004-2005, it occupies a total surface area of 28,100 m² and houses 19 modular conference rooms, i.e. adaptable according to requirements.

With a capacity of up to 2200 seats, the CICG has one of the largest conference halls in Europe. The use of a microphone for each workstation and the possibility of simultaneous translation, combined with the high modularity of the halls thanks to movable walls and stage areas, make it possible to organise very large conferences.

The aim of the project was sound reinforcement over a total area of 2200 m². The sound system had to adapt to the multi-purpose configuration of the four rooms and provide excellent speech intelligibility.

For the loudspeaker system, as well as the amplification system, the following products were selected Active Audio. In particular:

2 x StepArray SA180S columns with DSP in hall 1 (35 x 30 x 9 m), the 940-seat tiered hall.

2 x StepArray SA250P columns with DSP in room 2 (36 x 35 x 9m) with 500 seats, made in the same colour as the walls and based on Active Audio's DGRC technology (Digital and Geometric Radiation Control). The achievable sound pressure level is 95 dB SPL @ 20m

2 x Ray-On® 100 columns placed respectively in rooms 3 & 4 with 108 seats each capable of producing 92 dB SPL @ 8 m.