CUE released the new version of touchONE 5.2.3

TouchONE and touchONE-assist software

La new version of touchONE and the reservation application touchONE-assist bring major changes. Some innovations also affected the reservation panels, central administration and implementation.

TouchONE solution on the cloud

The touchONE-solution software for intelligent and intuitive booking, administration and analysis is now available as a cloud platform. It can be licensed and hosted centrally, while providing high security, flexibility and ease of use.

TouchONE-assist booking application


This new function optimise and considerably speeds up the touchONE assisted booking application. Above all: the loading of data for the timeline is greatly accelerated. The touchONE server periodically pre-loads data from the calendar server in the background to speed up the retrieval of data from external calendars.

Logo on login page

You can now view the customised company logo in the touchONE-assist login page. The logo is set up using the touchONE-admin administration application.


When creating a meeting, you can now use the practical "planning assistant" thanks to which you can also find out if the persons you want are free and can participate.

Overview of Reservations

Updated overview with all bookings clearly displayed in an intuitive space.
When booking, you can choose from several filters:
- Select the perfect time window for the desired booking with the From - To filter
- Take advantage of the possibility to search and filter only the specific resources you want (e.g. only meeting rooms)
- Find out the status of individuals by filtering only specific participants
- Filter resources by selecting the appropriate booking status.
You can choose between: deleted, accepted, provisional and rejected (combining them if necessary)

New dashboard

The touchONE assist dashboard is a clear combination of all important information in one neat place for amore pleasant user experience. The new design and intuitiveness add even better functionality, clarity and overall ease of use. The "quick booking"has become very popular. It is therefore made immediately accessible and visible on the dashboard itself. TouchONE solutions have as objective to bring about the highest possible productivity and this is just a small taste.

Confirmation Notification and French

If a booking confirmation is required, the touchONE-assist app draws attention to the need to confirm the reservation including the date by which the reservation must be confirmed.

The French language was added to the user interface of the touchONE-assist booking application.

Reservation Panels

Customisable colours

The user can define the colours for free and occupied statuses in the booking panel.

LED indicators

The LED indicators on the side of the reservation panel can be left off.

Basque language

The Basque language has been added as a possibility in the touchOne dashboard.

Central Administration

Device Code Flow

Support for authentication OAuth 2.0 Device Code Flow for Microsoft 365 is now available in touchONE-admin. This type of authentication is compatible in a hybrid authentication environment using Active Directory Federation Services. It also supports multi-factor authentication.

Generate QR codes

This new functionality is used to read the list of users and resources from the Google Workspace server and synchronise it with the touchONE server. Synchronisation can be performed in the background every night or can be started manually

Import resources and users

Using QR codes to initiate/confirm bookings is very common. This involves the use of labels with QR codes printed on them. With touchONE you can automatically generate QR labels by entering the fields you want and print them out.


  • Ability to install and manage multiple touchONE-solution instances on a single server using Cue Control Panel 4.1.0
  • Added controlif the Windows update is in progress, to the Cue 4.3.0 Control Panel.