Ligra DS is distributor of ARIASANIX and ANTICIMEX sanitisers

Certified air sanitisers for school environments

Pandemic waves have brought increasing attention to the monitoring the air quality of the environments we frequent. Healthy air environments minimise the possibility of germs and diseases of viral origin being transmitted and proliferating.
Breathing clean air also aids mnemonic concentration and learning speed, makes it easier for more individuals to stay in the same environment as well as the natural well-being associated with all physical and biological activities of the body.
For all these reasons, the use of an air purifier becomes essential to ensure the wellbeing of people in public, private and workplaces.

ARIASANIX purifiers

Ariasanix is the Air Division of MGM snca Tuscan company with over twenty years of knowledge and application of UV technology.
Today, the company designs 24/24 air sanitisation systems equipped with the most advanced technology (UV-C + Photocatalytic Technology), guaranteed for five years, entirely manufactured in Italy and guaranteeing air sanitisation in enclosed spaces and in the presence of people without any risk.


With Ariasanix UV-C TUBE it is possible to achieve 24-hour air sanitisation in a simple, immediate and safe manner, without developing heat and without the slightest contraindication. The air in the room, sucked in by a silent TUBE fan, enters the purifier's germicidal chamber to be decontaminated of microbes as well as chemical contaminants. The germicidal chamber is constructed of a special pure mirror-like aluminium that, due to its strong UV-C reflectivity, amplifies the disinfectant power of the lamps. As the air passes through the chamber, it is purified of all micro-organisms and returned to the environment free of contaminants.
Inside the germicidal chamber is also housed the TIOXยฎ filter nanostructured titanium dioxide, which, in combination with the very high UVC power emitted by the lamps, is an excellent photocatalyst that degrades organic and inorganic pollutants (VOCs, VOC volatile organic compounds and NOx, nitrogen oxides) produced by human activity. In addition, TIOXยฎ nanoparticles have a strong oxidising power and amplify the germicidal effect of UV-C rays themselves on microorganisms.


Ariasanix UV-C WAVE is designed to provide deep and continuous decontamination of indoor air in any type of environment. The great germicidal power of UV-C WAVE, with tested efficacy on all microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses, including aerosolised SARS-COV-2, is enhanced by the internal germicidal chamber and the innovative TIOXยฎ filter with nanostructured titanium dioxide and silver powder capable of degrading organic and inorganic pollutants produced by human activity. UV-C WAVE can be applied both on walls and floors.

ANTICIMEX purifiers

The Anticimex company, now present in no less than 17 countries around the world, has a centuries-old heritage in terms of specific knowledge in the fields of: cleaning and sanitisation, pest control.


The Anticimex company, now present in no less than 17 countries around the world, has a centuries-old heritage in terms of specific knowledge in the fields of: cleaning and sanitisation, pest control.
The Air-Purifier purifies indoor air with the best technology on the market: HEPA filters and ultraviolet radiation. The germicidal action eliminates 99.5% of biological contaminants such as viruses, bacteria, moulds, pollen, mites and airborne fungi, as well as dust particles in the environment.
It has a triple virucidal action mechanism:

  • HEPA filter detects up to 99.5% of particles larger than 0.3 microns
  • The internal ultraviolet lamp has a bactericidal and virucidal action
  • Negative ionisation removes suspended particles through the filter

It has a filtering mechanism for polluting chemical compounds that acts through an activated carbon filter that removes most of the volatile organic compounds in the air (VOCs).
It also humidifies the room: it makes it comfortable and prevents the dispersion of contaminating particles, so that adequate humidity is maintained.
Air-Purifier is equipped with SMART technology: environmental quality sensors automatically adjust the flow of air to be filtered, while LED lamps identify indoor air quality through a range of colours.