Our brands at Didacta 2024

Didacta Firenze 2024 is a portal wide open to the new creative processes in schools. A fair where you can discover the best brands on the market, observe the process of change directly in contact with those who implement it. Ligra DS has chosen the best Education-themed brands for you, illuminating them on its specific stands and giving you a unique experience.

Let's take a closer look at some of the brands that await us at Didacta 2024:


The brands chosen by Ligra DS deal with the issues of an evolving school, addressing those urgent focuses of the Italian school. A series of solutions designed to implement a dynamic and present 4.0 school in those concrete educational needs.

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Let us start by introducing you to Artome, the intelligent cabinet designed to solve school projection needs. A portable all-in-one solution plug-and-play for presenting, learning and much more. Sustainably built audio-visual technology that gives us products that finally bring flexibility and ease into every environment, including places of learning, without forgetting the aesthetic side.

The brand HELGI we know it well, with its series of interactive monitors that raise the bar year after year and make the interactive experience a true educational journey. Yes, because the X series not only takes care of our eyes, increasing the quality of the image, but makes writing even more natural. A challenge, that of multimedia writing, which HELGI accepts and tackles with concrete and targeted solutions. The result? Interactive monitors within everyone's reach, ready to meet the demands of our interactive whiteboards at school.

Nautilus is not just a brand, it is a whole world. Your choice when it comes to school furniture, a professional company certain to be able to subtend to the most complex needs of a school experiencing its own revolution.

Balancebox is the height-adjustable monitor stand. The tool that puts every monitor within touching distance. Perfect for school, it gives you a perfect view while maintaining safety and comfort. The perfect match for Helgi interactive monitors, of course.

KUBO is the educational robot that does not need a computer or tablet to be programmed. The most popular educational tool for children to approach the world of coding, which as we know is one of the new frontiers of education.

Lenovo certainly needs no introduction. One of the IT giants that for years has been offering solutions on the market, including computers and tablets, that are perfectly suited to school needs.

Fybra is the smart sensor designed for schools that optimises indoor air quality. A patented IOT sensor for numerous functions, it is a fully-fledged educational tool that not only makes schools a healthier place, but also transforms the classroom into an engaging laboratory thanks to the numerous ready-to-use educational contents of the MyFybra app.

Weeemake is your 'stargate". The portal that brings the world of robotics and artificial intelligence to schools. A do-it-yourself platform of educational robots for children at a professional level. Thanks to its AI, Machine learning e Internet of things and much more, you will be able to turn your classroom into a true creation workshop.

Motic is your choice when it comes to microscopes. A permanent star in your science lab, its high performance will finally give you a microscopic experience within the reach of the student.

ArredaLab is a company specialising in the design and production of furniture solutions for educational environments such as schools, universities and training centres. Its mission is to provide innovative and functional furniture that promotes a stimulating and comfortable learning environment for students and teachers. Arredalab strives to combine modern design, quality materials and functionality to meet the specific needs of its customers in the education sector.

Greenscreenbox is a portable theatre using the green screen technique. A teaching aid that develops digital literacy and helps to process learning material by means of greenscreen videos. Students will learn ICT and media literacy skills in a fun and engaging way, also very suitable for conveying lessons to BES and DSA. A new tool with infinite potential. The limit? Your imagination.

IPEVO produces versatile and specialised teaching tools, simple and flexible solutions for interactive teaching in today's classrooms. IPEVO's interactive teaching tools provide educators and teachers with radically accessible and compact technology that is simple, intuitive and flexible, allowing them to dedicate valuable time and resources to teaching.