The Ligra DS Agora, our training proposal at the fair.

Today's school faces a number of complex challenges that affect the educational environment significantly.

Topics such as Technology in the Classroom, student welfare, changing teaching methods, environmental sustainability, inclusion and new teaching methods for BES and DSA are just some of the urgent issues in schools today.

Addressing these issues requires a collective commitment from educators, administrators, parents and the community at large. Only through effective collaboration and a commitment to innovation can schools provide a rich and meaningful learning environment that prepares students for the future.

But in order to be able to deal with the issues of an ever-changing school, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the tools to be used to carry out the process of change. This is why Ligra DS created LIEDUCO, the community that has been preparing teachers and ATA staff with certified professional training courses since 2008. Ligra DS's mission is to accompany trainers on their teaching journey, supporting and updating them on those contemporary issues that are still difficult to understand but will be fundamental in the imminent future of teaching.

At Didacta Firenze 2024 we will once again be in the Agora, a meeting and sharing place where we can discover together the secrets of an evolving school. Ligra DS certified trainers will take you, through their courses, into the school of the future.

We will enter the educational revolution together, addressing pressing topics such as the impact of Total VR immersion, new relational dynamics, learning enhancer tools, sensors, artificial intelligence, web TV at school, software, gender equality, inclusion, STEAM and much more.


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See you in Florence for a unique appointment. In the Agora we will have the opportunity to discuss and explore the future of education together. We look forward to seeing you.