Training courses for schools: the new Ligra DS project

Discover the Ligra DS training courses for schools. Through theeducational use of technology it is possible to stimulate the cognitive and affective-emotional dimension of the students extremely effectively, enhancing the positive attitude of the teacher in his important role as mediator.

Ligra Education's certified training proposal, flexible and customisable depending on the requests of the Institute, supports the teacher in a education path increasingly integrated with technology. A solution that Ligra DS proposes to schools following targeted and customised focuses, aimed at giving teachers the skills to deal with the problems of a school receptive to progress.

Why is technology so important?

Technologies are a concrete tool to address the future of education, particularly effective in approaching difficult problems. It is recommended to rely on them for:

  • Facilitating curricular learning
  • Promoting cognitive development
  • Combating early school leaving
  • Applying truly inclusive education

These are all problems that schools have to deal with on a daily basis and that are still difficult for teachers and institutes to respond to. This is why the certified courses for schools that we present focus on 5 different subject areas, 5 necessary paths that intertwine technology and pedagogy in a targeted and productive relationship.

The courses were written and will be conducted by 2 pedagogues and expert trainers on the topics of inclusion and innovative teaching methodologies.

The proposed courses are:

Educational robotics and coding

Basic training on coding, computational thinking and educational robotics in their function activators of transversal skills and of inclusive tools.

The school of doing: methodologies, tools and languages

Training on tools and methodologies aimed at explore new technologies and their use in educationenhancing learning and turning the digital tool into a powerful tool for teacher-learner communication.

Schools without Barriers: Digital Education for Inclusion

Educational use of hardware and software as facilitators of cooperative activities that enable the acquisition of social skills and problem solving, overcoming the barriers of discrimination and exclusion.

STEAM and inclusive digital tools

Application of computational thinking on an interdisciplinary level for developing pupils' skills (Digi Comp2.2). Application of inclusive strategies through the use of augmented and virtual reality.

Developing computational thinking in augmented and virtual reality

Designing an interdisciplinary UDA in a digital environment through the use of coding, augmented and virtual reality, and the storytelling.

How the courses are run

Le educational activities will consist of 3 modules with as many lessons and will be available through video lessons, Comparison forum, Theoretical and practical activities and will conclude with the realisation of a final project work.

In short, we are here to present you with a tool for understanding the future of teaching and meeting its needs. A customisable formula of teacher training courses suitable for pre-school, primary and secondary schools.

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