Ligra DS awaits you at MIR together with CANON.

Ligra DS awaits you at the new edition of MIR, the only themed event Professional Audio and Video which offers its audience the opportunity to experience live technology from leading companies, thanks to immersive sound stages and rooms set up to experience the most innovative technologies. 

At this edition of MIR, at the Ligra DS stand in hall A1 stand 087, you will find CANON. 

At the show you will have the opportunity to discover the latest CANON technologies and products. Specifically, we will show you the latest releases in controllers and PTZ cameras. 

The CR-N100 is a small, compact and lightweight PTZ camera; it weighs 2.2 kg. It is equipped with a 4K 1/2.3″ sensor and DIGIC DV6 processor. It is suitable for all types of environments and perfect for live productions. Its Hybid AF technology and 20x optical zoom with image stabilisation, plus built-in IP streaming and control protocols, make CANON's new arrival truly smart. 

Let's delve into CR-N100:

Outstanding 4K images in oversampling HD

Shoot in superior 4K UHD and Full HD quality thanks to the 4K 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor and DIGIC DV6 image processor. HD oversampling processing produces Full HD images thanks to the 4K sensor, delivering lifelike HD video.

The 20x optical zoom provides an incredible level of flexibility

Capture even the smallest details thanks to Canon's advanced 4K optics, with a flexible 20x optical zoom capable of covering a wide focal range of 29.3-601mm (35mm equivalent). The camera also features image stabilisation for minimal noise on the moving image.

Precise focusing with hybrid AF system

With a combination of high-precision contrast AF and high-speed phase detection AF, the CR-N100 provides fast and accurate focusing of the subject, even in low light. The camera is equipped with an external sensor that measures the distance to the object and compares the focus point with that determined by the contrast AF system.

Precise Auto Tracking1

Access the ability to automatically follow the keynote speaker thanks to face detection technology as he or she moves across the stage.

Multiple protocols for easy streaming and control

CR-N100 is equipped with NDI|HX2 and SRT that produce high-quality video streams for various productions even in unstable network conditions.

Smooth and precise controls

The CR-N100 is equipped with a high-precision drive mechanism for precise tilt and pan movement of up to 0.2°/s. Compatible with C-IP100 controllers and the remote camera control application, it can also be configured with some third-party controllers.

Total connectivity

Flexible connectivity with HDMI or IP (PoE+), both with 4K30P, the CR-N100 also includes a USB-C port, a serial port (RS422) and a 3.5 mm audio jack.


The Canon CR-N700 PTZ Camera is an excellent professional 4K 60P PTZ camera with 12G-SDI connectivity and best-in-class autofocus, with the option of Intelligent Auto Tracking.

Let's delve into the CR-N700:

4K sensor

All the power of a 4K type 1.0 sensor and a DIGIC DV7 processor with Dual pixel AF at your fingertips. The 15x optical zoom (30x in Full HD) captures exceptional detail, even in night mode. Stream movies in 4K 60P quality and HDR thanks to a wide range of IP protocols.

CMOS sensor

A 1″ CMOS sensor and a DIGIC DV7 processor deliver 4K UHD 60P images up to 4:2:2 12G-SDI 10-bit and HDMI for TV-standard image quality, plus 4K 60P via IP.

Advanced Zoom

The CR-N700's high-performance lens has a 15x optical zoom (25.5mm - 382.5mm, 35mm equivalent) plus a 30x advanced zoom when shooting in Full HD. In unstable conditions, Canon's renowned Image Stabiliser ensures optimum shooting.

Intelligent focusing

Fast, intelligent and extremely accurate focusing via multiple modes thanks to Canon's patented Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology and advanced EOS iTR AF X.


The CR-N700 is equipped with SRT and NDI|HX1 that produce high-quality video perfect for broadcasters. RTMP/RTMPS, RTP/RTSP, Canon XC and standard communication protocols are included, as well as FreeD for integration into virtual productions.


Stunning HDR images with direct recording in PQ or HLG format. A range of customised image settings including Canon Log 3 and Wide Dynamic Range to suit other Canon cameras.

Ready for anything

Shoot smoothly even in very low light conditions thanks to the IR mode, which broadens the spectrum visible to the camera.

The new RC-IP1000 Professional Controller features ergonomic buttons, joysticks and potentiometers for precise and fast control of up to 200 cameras. It features an LCD touch screen with dual functions for PC-free camera setup and preview during operation. But this is just the beginning.  

Let's delve into RC-IP1000:

Tactile precision, professional control

Precisely adjust PTZ camera movements using the ergonomically designed joystick, designed to fit comfortably in the palm of the hand, for intuitive control of rotation.

Several physical buttons and knobs

Manage connected cameras with 42 buttons and 14 dials controlling functions such as Iris, Gamma, Knee and White Balance.

IP video and input management

Monitor and control Canon camera footage quickly and easily on the 7″ touch screen via IP, with up to nine cameras viewable simultaneously in different layout options. Whichever camera you choose, the touch screen automatically switches to displaying that feed in real time. Alternatively, you can send a full screen feed to an external monitor via the 12G-SDI or HDMI port.

Simple configuration without a PC

Use the RC-IP1000's camera search function to find and register new cameras via the LAN. The RC-IP1000 can change all system settings of up to 200 connected cameras, such as IP address, ID and password.

Simplified multi-camera control

Group all cameras or up to ten in a group. Implement presets for multiple PTZ cameras simultaneously and control other cameras from the PTZ and Cinema EOS ranges3 Canon's XF605 professional camcorder.

Intuitive touch screen

Access a wide range of settings via the touch screen. Set focus points and settings for Touch AF and face and eye detection; control the manual focus point and adjust crop areas to allow two feeds from a single camera4.

Professional inputs and connections

RC-IP1000 can be integrated into existing infrastructures or used remotely thanks to a wide range of inputs, including a 12 V DC XLR port, five serial RJ45 ports, LAN/POE+, USB (for future expansion), HDMI output, 12G-SDI input/output and two channels
GPIO D-Sub 25-pin. By using the GPIO/SDI connection with a video switch, the signal can be seamlessly connected to the LED tally of the target camera.

Advanced preset and trace control

Control another camera during a trace and set other positions without having to wait for the trace/preset to finish. Record and manage presets and traces by naming them via the touch screen and use the RC-IP1000's physical button to quickly access preset and trace functionality.