Ligra DS awaits you at MIR together with ARTOME

Ligra DS awaits you at the new edition of MIR, the only themed event Professional Audio and Video which offers its audience the opportunity to experience live technology from leading companies, thanks to immersive sound stages and rooms set up to experience the most innovative technologies.   

At this edition of MIR, at the Ligra DS stand in hall A1 stand 087, you will find ARTOME.

At the fair, you will have the opportunity to discover the latest ARTOME technologies and products. Specifically, we will show you ARTOME M10much more than just a piece of furniture.

Artome M10 is the intelligent Plug-and-Play furniture that transforms your projection space. A piece of furniture that combines Nordic design and technology in a new way. Its mobile AV system allows it to be easily transported anywhere and enables you, with a laser projector and integrated audio and video conferencing functionality, to project wherever you want with ease. This all-in-one product requires no installation and can be connected to any device with an HDMI cable or wirelessly.

We delve into Artome M10:

All in one

Artome brings a new kind of flexibility to the technology presentation industry. A solution free from installation constraints, free from the hassles of cabling. Since all devices are integrated in Artome M10, not only are significant resources saved, but this
also ensures that images and sound perform in perfect harmony.


Thanks to Epson's integrated ultra short-throw laser projector, the image format can be easily increased up to 150". The Av-Mobile system allows unbelievable ease of movement and makes the product suitable for a video conference, a presentation in a hall or a karaoke evening, maximising its usability. Particularly suitable for use in schools, where the ability to create multiple classroom layouts can become an important upgrade.

Ready to Go

The high flexibility of the Artome M10 also relates to connection with other devices. No additional drivers or installation software are required, just the power supply. All you need is an HDMI cable or a laptop and you are ready to present.

Integrated technology

Artome M10 combines presentation devices in a single product. A technology that allows the camera and microphones to work simultaneously without any problems in any situation. The secret behind it is Artome HybriDock™. This innovation gives the user a plug-and-play experience with all laptops and operating systems.


HDMI 1 Laptop / HDMI 2 Wireless / ARTOME+ Videoconferencing / USB Conference microphone / AUDIO OUT L&R External speakers / MIC 1&2 Microphone for local presentations and HybriDock / HDMI OUT Connection of multiple devices or Artome / USB 2&3 (optional) Playback of content from USB memory stick with Epson® (PC-free functionality), Connection for Miracast® / HDBT (located in the back panel) Video and audio transmission