LIGRA DS SUCCESSES - Assago Forum Milan

In the field of entertainment and live events, the quality of the sound system is crucial to ensure an engaging and memorable experience for the audience. When it comes to installing a new system, the choice of products and the collaboration between different parties involved are crucial to ensure high quality results. 

The challenge to overcome is certainly a major one: the renovation of the acoustic sound system of one of Italy's most famous sports arenas, the Forum di Assago in Milanvenue for top-level sporting events, which will host the events of the 2026 Milan-Cortina Winter Olympics. The Forum di Assago arena can accommodate up to 12,700 spectators on three levels, and is often the venue for major concerts by international artists. 

In a project of this magnitude, the client's requirement is clear: the products used must be of the highest quality and reliability. For this reason, brands recognised globally for their proven experience in the production of electronics and acoustic loudspeakers suitable for use in stadiums and arenas, NEXO and YAMAHA, were selected.  

A key element in the success of this project was the close collaboration between NEXO, YAMAHA, LIGRA DS and the system integrator JOBBINGwhich successfully participated in the LIGRA DS certification programme for the NEXO brand. 

This synergy was possible thanks to the work of Ing. Francesco Pino of the LIGRA DS ProAV design team, as trait d'union between all parties involved, and ensured smooth communication and effective planning during all stages of the implementation process.

The first design analysis was an in-depth electroacoustic design, using output simulations with NEXO NS-1 software to assess the acoustic coverage of the room to be soundproofed. 

The choice of acoustic loudspeakers fell on NEXO's P+ series, a famous series of high-performance point source acoustic loudspeakers, which allows the directivity of high frequencies to be adjusted thanks to asymmetrical EPS rotatable horns. In this project, 38 P15+ acoustic loudspeakers were used, distributed over two rings and installed underneath the under-cover walkways at a height of approximately 20 metres. 

Ligra DS

All 38 loudspeakers are driven by six NXAMP4x2MK2 four-channel class-D 2,500W per channel NXAMP4x2MK2 amplifiers, configured and controlled over a dedicated LAN network using proprietary NEXO software. 

The management of the signals is entrusted to the YAMAHA MRX7-D audio processor, which allowed for a configuration dedicated to the project requirements, thanks to its flexibility and intuitive interface. Using this DSP, it was possible to define several coverage zones and manage them separately. 

The distribution of audio signals is fully managed via the Dante® protocol, compatible with both YAMAHA and NEXO devices. 

Ligra DS

The installation process carried out by the JOBBING team consisted of the following steps:  

  •  Wiring and installation of rack cabinets housing Yamaha amplifiers and DSPs; 
  •  Installation of diffusers at height; 
  •  Connection and commissioning of the system; 

The supervision of the installation process and the start-up of the LIGRA DS system was carried out by specialised in-house personnel with dedicated equipment to solve any problems and ensure a smooth implementation of the system. 

Once the installation was complete, a final test was carried out in the presence of the NEXO Engineering Support team and Ligra DS acoustic engineer Francesco Pino to verify the consistency between the installation carried out and the original design, using data from accurately performed measurements. 

The realisation of an acoustic system of this magnitude requires an effective project management effort to achieve synergetic collaboration between all actors involved. In this case, LIGRA DS ensured the supply of reliable brands, advanced design, specialist training and technical support to the installer. LIGRA DS's added value enabled an excellent end result, fully satisfying the client's needs and expectations.