The multimedia chair

Ligra DS | Multimedia Chair: composition and advantages
Teaching today needs to be as interdisciplinary and flexible as possible, yet the time needed to switch from one subject to another is compressed. What teachers often need is a quick and easy-to-use system to switch from a lesson using a computer (laptop or desktop) to a workshop-type lesson. Using a system such as the multimedia desk, one can easily transform a desk equipped with a computer into a table whose top becomes completely clear and free to be used to the full.

What is a multimedia chair?

It is a standard desk with a drawer unit but can also accommodate a device such as a laptop or desktop computer. A system such as the multimedia desk allows teachers to work both with a computer and on a completely uncluttered surface thanks to a system where the laptop or monitor disappears. A simple gesture such as closing a door allows the lesson setup to be changed in an instant. Thanks to its configuration, the cables are concealed, thus remaining out of the reach of the youngest students; the desktop computer monitor is fixed to the flap, so that it does not topple to the floor if the desk or the monitor itself is knocked over; and when the teacher no longer needs to use the computer, all he or she has to do is close the flap equipped with a safety key. An extremely simple system with innumerable potential and high durability thanks to the epoxy powder coating.

What are epoxy powders

The epoxy powder coating system is a system that gives the painted surface flexibility and adhesion to the substrate, so it is recommended for indoor use even in contact with chemical agents. At a time when the possibility of using any type of solution for disinfection has become a priority, this painting system guarantees the possibility of having a surface free of pathogens, without the risk of unpleasant corrosion of the surface layer. The second, but no less important, advantage of this type of coating is its being perfectly green, as it does not require the use of solvents for their dilution and subsequent cleaning of the instruments. The secret of their adhesion to the material on which they are applied is a passage through an oven, the heat of which completes their attachment to the surfaces.

In conclusion

An instrument with physical characteristics suited to the school environment - damage to the paintwork by impact or corrosion is difficult - and with strong teaching characteristics, as it is absolutely capable of respecting the tight timeframe of the transition from one lesson to another. Versatile, durable and innovative, it is completely adaptable to the current sanitary situation, thanks to its ability to become a flat surface that can be easily disinfected in a single step. Safe and state-of-the-art, it protects both the children and the technological instruments stored in it, and a few steps and the cable system for connecting the monitor or laptop are virtually unreachable for students.

With a multimedia desk, the revolution in teaching starts with the furniture!