What will we find in the Ligra DS Agora?

By now you know, Ligra DS will be present at Italy's most important education fair: Didacta Firenze 2024. Could it be any other way?

Ligra DS is a well-established reality that puts its experience and professionalism at the service of a didactics in the midst of its evolutionary process. This is why it is important to find a meeting place; to absorb together the stream of consciousness of a connected fair and discuss the issues of our school. What school are we talking about? About the school we have glimpsed and are building together with you, the school of the future. The path is transparent but clearly illuminated and we are following it with confident steps.

We look forward to seeing you in the Agora of Ligra DSthe place where we will be able to update and follow certified training courses that will tell us about new educational trends. Technology will be the red thread that accompanies our training, as you know, technology is the filter through which Ligra DS observes the world. Innovative tools that support education and take it into a 4.0 future. Don't believe us? Come and discover it at Didacta Florence.

Ligra DS

Let's get down to business.

During the 3-day fair we will cover numerous topics and have the opportunity to listen to specialised trainers from various training organisations. The courses are certified and you will be awarded certificates of attendance.

The impact of VR total immersion on Language Learning efficiency

- The adolescent in the extended reality - The brain and the new relational dynamics

- Learning Enhancer Tools - Amplifying learning

- For your Brains - Discover the Ligra DS and Fybra competition for schools: test the sensor and invent a new teaching and learning path with real data!

Guided Exercises - Discover the new frontier of assisted learning.

- The educational experience of an Education Web TV - 70 years after the first television broadcast in Italy. Towards a didactic/educational programme schedule in the era of digital convergence.

- How to create educational content and sites for your classroom with WebSite X5 software

- Artificial Intelligence and Photography - Co-existence laboratories

- Discover Fybra for schools - How the power of algorithms can innovate education. Financial Times award-winning sensors can be used to create engaging educational paths for teachers and pupils.

- Women in the digital transition - why it is important to be there

- Immersive - A complete solution for teaching, exploring and creating

- Educational strategies for the use and management of generative artificial intelligence in educational contexts

- Business Games for Education

- Google Workspace for Education Plus - transforms learning with a suite of advanced teaching tools

Ligra DS

Ligra DS

The road to the future of education shines under the brightest stars, the stars of technological innovation.

Follow the Ligra DS certified courses and discover the path we will walk together.

Ligra DS is not only present at Didacta.

Ligra DS Education's certified training proposal, flexible and customisable depending on the requests of the Institute, supports the teacher in a education path increasingly integrated with technology. A solution that Ligra DS proposes to schools following targeted and customised focuses, aimed at giving teachers the skills to deal with the problems of a school receptive to progress.